Rainbow Cake – half n half

this was a very special order from a customer – kak Yan from New Horizon Training Centre Kuantan 🙂

it’s the first time I ever come across a request like this, but I had a lot of fun doing it 😉 thanks kak Yan for cheering me up 😀

kak Yan ordered a standard rainbow cake – but she wants it in half and half! I was surprised at first upon hearing her request, but once I started making the cake I really enjoyed myself, it’s a different experience all together..baking ONE cake but ended up with TWO cakes! 😀 wow!!

the funny thing is when i tried to figure out how to split the cake into two..a few of my options were:

  • stack the cake (and fill them) and afterwards split the cake
  • stack the cake and frost and decorate it completely and split the cake.. (and leave it bare?? – NO!!)
  • split the cakes individually and then stack and decorate them individually (<– finally end up doing this, makes more sense..hehe ;))

so, I end up with these cakes (or is it this cake of halves..hehe)

two individual cakes of half a cake 😉 [Price is RM55, extra RM5 for the individual packaging :)]

thanks kak Yan for ordering! I really would like to hear your feedback soon =)



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