Birthday Cake – how to choose?

hi, most of the time my customers takes a very long time to decide on which cake to order for their beloved ones birthday. I too have that problem when making a birthday cake for my’s hard to put your finger on what to actually make, but when the time comes, a cake was ready, nevertheless 😉

usually, in deciding which birthday cake is best for someone is to know what their interest are 🙂

kids: what they like – cartoon characters, tv shows, games, toys, story book, activity, etc. kids are delighted by what they SEE! so, a striking cake which resembles what they like is such a delight to them 😉 choosing a flavor is quite simple, most kids love chocolates, so a chocolate cake with delicious butter cream usually suits their taste just fine 😉

adults: what they like to EAT! adults indulge in cakes, so choose a cake that would satisfy their taste buds, and they’ll be happy 😉 a fancy looking cake doesn’t hurt too 🙂

for example, my eldest is so into Lightning McQueen, a character from Disney’s Cars – so I made him a mcqueen shaped cake in 3D. my 2nd child loves dinosaurs, so I made him a dino shaped cake in 2D. my husband loves banana cakes, so I baked him a nice moist banana cake frosted with yummy choc cream – it’s pretty simple, you just have to put some thought into it, and you too can choose the best cake for your loved ones birthday 😉

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