Birthday (Regular) Cake Sizes & Pricing

As stated in our ‘Cake Price’ page, our sizing and pricing for regular cakes:

  • S: 1.5kilo = RM40
  • M: 2.0kilo = RM50
  • L: 2.5kilo = RM60
  • XL/Jumbo: 3.0kilo =RM70
  • XXL – XXXXXXL (based on customer’s request)

However we do get requests to make smaller cakes, which I would say it’s XS size: 1 kilo 🙂

Our cakes prices usually starts from RM40 for S sized cakes (1.5kilo),  so our XS cakes (1 kilo) would be RM30 each. To include a full cake size edible image on top of the cake (ready pic) add RM10, and to add edible images on top and around the cake (customised pic) add RM15.

Hope everyone’s clear on this, thanks 🙂

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