Experiment: Strawberry Cake

It’s the first time I ever baked a strawberry cake, and I’m so excited! 😀

for the taste test, I made some cupcakes before making the full cake 😉 there were two batches, and we loved the 2nd one 🙂

Strawberry flavored cake:

  • cream 250 g butter + 180 g sugar
  • add in 4 eggs
  • add in 2 tsp strawberry emulco
  • add 250 g self raising flour alternating with 1/4 cup buttermilk
  • add 2 tbsp strawberry jam

There’s a lot of room for improvement to this recipe, I’d like to use real strawberries next time (if I could find any…hehe) 😉 thinking of adding more buttermilk to the batter, but it’s already nice n fluffy 🙂

hmm…any cake tastes nice when they’re fresh from the oven..rite?? LOL 😀

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