Such a busy day =)

Phew..I received a last minute order for a rainbow cake, and I worked on it pronto! and only now I get to sit and go online 😉

I’ve finished baking, but haven’t frosted the cake yet…taking a break for a while.. mustn’t overtire myself..wouldn’t want the baby to have an ‘early arrival’..hehe 😀

byproduct from today’s rainbow cake: french toast for tea! YUM! 😀

got an inquiry from a customer, she wants the rainbow cake in different flavors for each layer 😀 I’m telling you, my customers are more creative than me 😉 every request is always delightful..I’m really having fun doing this..yay! 😀

Hope I’ll have some spare time tomorrow to update on the angry bird cake I worked on last weekend 😉

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