Choc Fudge Cake

People love to garnish their chocolate cakes with ganache…not me..I cover them with choc fudge..YUM! I really love choc fudge as it has a more chocolatey taste, makes indulging a choc cake more heavenly 😀

layered this moist choc cake with fudge with crushed nuts in it (I prefer hazelnut, but used almonds instead because I couldn’t find any..huhu)..YUM!, and covered the whole cake with plain choc fudge..DOUBLE YUM! 😀 garnish the sides with the remaining almonds and piped the writing on top using buttercream 🙂

my son has the honor of scraping the remaining choc fudge..u can see it in his face the pure enjoyment of chocolate he’s having..haha 😀

this is a 1kg cake..thanks su/norizan from sg karang for ordering 😉

her house was not that hard to find, but not being familiar with the routes and that area makes it difficult for me…hubby dearest..I need a GPS!! 😉 😉 😉

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