Experiment: Hot Water Bath

at first I thought it’s not as hard as it sounds like..then (now!): it IS as HARD as it seems! 😀

my first attempt at hot water bath was a disaster..haha..at first everything seemed fine…putting the pan in the oven, on the hot water bath n all.. “no sweat..”…i thought to myself..then the cake started to cook and it’s done 😀 it was cooked to perfection – just nice 😉

then comes the HARD part..getting the pan with the cooked cake out of the oven!! *horror* I got burns 😦 I spilled hot water all over 😦 (not as bad as it sounds..hehe) I got water on my cake 😦 (wait for it…the worst part is yet to come..haha)…………

I toppled the pan containing the cake!! and the cake was DESTROYED!! 😦 huhuhuhuuuuuu

but I was satisfied because:

+ now I know how to do a hot water bath

+ I know the cake taste great!! (I managed to save some of the cake..nothing good to eat must go to waste..hehe)

+ I got the exact temperature and timing for baking 😉

+ I gain confidence in baking a cheese cake! YAY! 😀

can’t wait for my 2nd attempt of baking the whole cheese cake (also can’t wait to eat the “remains” of the “destroyed” cake earlier 😉 it’s chilling in the fridge..can have it for tea with the boys when they get home..lalalalaaa :D)

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