Pisau baruku lari gagah berani

hehehe..I’m just so excited about my new cake ‘knife’ that comes with every purchase of cakes from kekComel 😀 the colour is so nice..it complements my stickers so well 😉

…which reminds me I need to order a new batch of stickers, left with only a few..just enough until the weekend 🙂

price hike:

+ the first time I bought this knife it was white and only 20cents

+ later I bought it at 22cents each (still white)

+ now they sell in a bundle (no individual units) of 10s for RM2.30 which meant it’s 23cents each (but nicer colour ;))

still..i love these knives..they have more ‘style’..and surprisingly cheaper 😀 definitely value for money 😉

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