wedding favors cupcakes

bring these babies out..


and put em on plain cupcakes and u get wedding favors! 😀


made these cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla for a friend’s wedding..aren’t they just too cute to eat 😉



Malay wedding door gifts/ favors (bunga telur): with over 500 to 1000 guests invited to a Malay wedding, it’s only logic to have budgeted door gifts for the guests.  Usually the bride n groom’s family prepare different types of door gifts, special ones with bigger budget for special and VIP guests, while they prepare an acceptable gifts for ALL of their guests. Traditionally people give out boiled eggs wrapped nicely and decorated pretty – thus the name “bunga telur” (translated: egg bouquet).

Nowadays, the trend is changing, influenced by the trends from all over the globe, the gifts for guest has changed into more personalised wedding favors or door gifts. Popular door gifts include sweets, candles, chocolates, and many more . Budget cupcakes are one of the favourite options 😉

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