Ben10 is number 1

Rainbow cake is getting “numbered” again 😉 This time it is the number “1”..Nurul from kuantan requested the cake for her nephew’s first birthday 🙂

As usual I baked a Square rainbow cake and layered them to start with..and cut into pieces like these


Arrange them into the number 1 (cut off a bit to make it perfectly number 1 and glued the pieces together with icing)



Covered the cake with icing..and now I love piping the sides of a rainbow cake with stripes of colors 😉



Nurul requested a Ben10 themed cake..and she wanted to put the birthday boy s picture on the cake..but since it was a very last minute order, I didn’t have time to prepare the edible image for the I gave her an flags to stick on the cake


Hope Nurul and her family is happy with the cake 😀 and I do hope she would share her pic of the cake with me..if she does I”ll share em with u 😉

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