As u all know, PKPB ni limited movements between states kan, so stock kertas ei agak limited, tapi ada insyaAllah 

Please confirm dulu availability kertas sblm confirmkan order dgn customers ya to avoid dissapointments, thanks comellss 



It’s November and it’s time for fresh new cake designs. Panaderia Cakes comes out with new designs early in the month, every month without fail, and we are just so excited to share with you their latest designs, made available daily throughout the month of November, enjoy!

Which one’s your favourite?
For more cake pictures, please visit our instagram account:

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Panaderia Cakes are now available at kekComel

Panaderia Cakes: tasty, pretty and affordable cakes are now available at kekComel πŸ™‚

All cakes are ready stock (so don’t worry if you forgot to order a cake beforehand, because we love last minute orders :D), simply browse our daily catalog and choose which cake that suits you best, and come pickup the cake at Panaderia’s bake house in Bukit Setongkol, or we can even deliver the cake to your doorstep.

Surprise deliveries are also available. You can add on balloons and chocolates and even flowers. When you order a surprise delivery service from us, you are entitled for a FREE greeting card.

Cake customisation using edible images is also available. Please order at least a day before you need the cake, and is available for delivery only.

Order your cake online today!

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OMG! I haven’t visited this site for years, let alone updating it! (and yet I have religiously paid for your domain annually without fail..haha)

Hello visitors, sorry I haven’t been present for a while. So, what’s up? I’m still just concentrating on making high quality edible images for my lovely customers, who are mostly fellow bakers. Since I can’t squeeze in the time to bake anymore these days, and since I kept getting calls requesting for cake, I am now accepting cake orders, the only difference is I don’t actually bake them myself. I simply take the orders and pass them to Panaderia Cake bake house, and they bake it for me (and even do deliveries around Kuantan..yay!)

So, you can order cakes from anytime you like, only now we have a catalog and you may choose the cake you want from there.

I’m still working on to update the catalog here on Meanwhile feel free to visit our FB Page: or IG: for the catalog, and kindly order through whatsApp, 0189000285.

Or simply click the link:

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2018 best nine on Instagram

Hey there! The end of 2018 is here’s our best nine on Instagram. Not much bakes this year, as I’m busy with the new baby, alongside the very busy and curious toddler here 😁

Hope I will get to bake more in 2019.. caking has always been calming for me, even though it’s always chaotic during the process πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Hope 2018 was nice to you, and 2019 even nicer 😊

barnyard animals cake

made this barnyard animals themed cake for lil boy’s first birthday.


baked a moist vanilla cake (usually it’s moist chocolate cake, but a moist vanilla cake is quite interesting).Β  as usual, i frosted the cake with swiss meringue buttercream. decorations were edible images, and some crushed cookies, and topped off with a nice cake topper.


Baby boy was excited to see his cake and was eager to smash the cake, but he got a “hey!” from dad, and thought he was not supposed to touch the cake, and we missed the opportunity of having him smash his first birthday cake *sigh*. but no worries, we all had fun, and they’ll always be opportunities to smash and dig into a cake ay baby πŸ˜‰


Hantaran flower cake

After taking a long break from cake decorating, I sure prefer to do a floral cake with just rosette swirls instead of roses and other flowers πŸ˜…πŸ˜

But whenever you start baking for orders you have to adhere to user requests. So, here is my flower cake for hantaran. I’m not proud but quite contented by how it turned out 😁😁

Most important part is the customer was happy, therefore I am happy..wait..happier πŸ˜‚

Theme is turquoise and soft pink. The colour turned out very nice (really!), but the picture doesn’t do much justiceΒ πŸ˜….

Eid ul Adha

It’s our first time spending Eid here in Bandar Putra. I planned to bake something to share with the neighborhood. At first it was red velvet, then the trending fruit pastry cake, but end up baking a classic ol marble cake instead πŸ˜…

Baked two of em, one to share, one for ourselves. Next bake on the list, is definitely the fruit pastry cake, it looks so inviting 😍 will post it soon, I hope πŸ˜†